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321 Biz Dev Adds Mom-and-Pop Small Businesses to Client Base

The pandemic left millions of mom-and-pop small business owners out in the cold. Big corporations raked in all the money while local restaurants, independent hair stylists and boutique shops were shut down.

Walmart, Amazon, Door Dash, Whole Foods, corporate fast food restaurants and big name coffee shops and others benefited at the expense of the little guy. Consumers were indirectly forced to abandon the mom and pop businesses.

Now it's time for small business owners to take back their customers, and 321 Biz Dev wants to help.

For the last six years, since 2014, 321 Biz Dev has supported white-collar business owners like attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers, and real estate brokers. As 321 Biz Dev expands to local small business owners, we acknowledge there is a big difference in the needs of a white collar business owner and a mom-and-pop business owner.

Most of the differences are found in the number of competitors in each category. The first difference is white-collar business owners have far fewer competitors than mom-and-pop business owners. There may 2,000 dentists in Baton Rogue but there are probably 12,000 restaurants in Baton Rouge.

The second difference is mom-and-pop business owners have more influence to add new customers...mainly because mom-and-pop business average prices are much less than the starting $1,000 white-collar business owner transaction prices.

It's now an "Us vs Them" situation regarding who works the hardest for consumers' dollars. I believe the mom-and-pop restaurant, coffee shop, the independent hair stylist, the network marketer, the mobile auto repairman, and the small HVAC shop can win back consumers.

That's the good news! Here's why winning consumers back to shopping with local businesses will require effort.

Looking back, before the pandemic, I think it is fair to say that local small business owners took consumers for granted. Some local businesses had poor customer service. The employees often displayed uncaring attitudes. Both local business owners and employees were at fault. Some local business owners were making enough money to be not that concerned about big corporations taking their customers.

But the pandemic sent a wakeup call to local small business owners and employees. I saw it as some local businesses reopened. The owners were more focused and employee customer service rose to the occasion.

Why do you think business owners and employees are more committed to service now than before the pandemic?

Okay. Don't think too hard on this question. You know the answer already. The owners and employees collectively lost billions of dollars by being shutdown by local and state governments. Try paying your rent or mortgage and buying food when you have no income.

321 Biz Dev helps small owners with tools to proactively promote their businesses. And, we are not talking about using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Posting content on social media platforms about your business is not a proactive marketing method.

321 Biz Dev also purchased an incredible phone number. My contact number is now (726) 999-0999. This number popped in my phone numbers for sale list. I could not believe this number was available and no one else had purchased it.

My toll free number, (833) 321-3212 is still active.

For Spanish language business owners, Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, is our bilingual (English/Spanish) business development specialist. Ms. Rodriguez's number is (786) 697-3400.

321 Biz Dev has many proven business development systems for just about any business owner.

Thanks for reading this post.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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