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321 Biz Dev Returning to Its Corporate Beginnings-January 1, 2023 Services Offered to Corporations

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

This article is directed to corporate business owners and sales managers who are where I was 20 years ago.

Yes, I have been there and had the responsibility of managing 60 sales executives and support staff in the group health insurance environment. Reporting to a Fortune 500 CEO and VP, the best news to share was: "sales are up and sales reps are meeting or exceeding production goals as seen in the revenue numbers".

But, it's not the company owner nor sales manager bringing in new business. The sales executives are hired to make new contacts, prospect qualified contacts and convert prospects to clients.

The challenge is identifying, hiring and training qualified salespeople. And, for medium to large corporations, performing all three functions is the difference between good and poor performance. The former is preferred over the latter.

Since 2014, 321 Biz Development focused on sole proprietor, small business owners. We were able to help and get feedback from a number of CPAs, CFPs, attorneys, dentists, insurance brokers, real estate brokers and traditional business owners with transaction prices $1,000 or higher.

321 SWAS (Selling Without Appearing to Sell) sales systems and business development training sessions put many small business owners on the right track to master the five, front-end sales activities (contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing and getting zero-cost referrals).

However, there are huge differences between small business owners and corporate managers responsible for new client acquisition. These differences are:

  1. Sales growth is more important to larger companies.

  2. Bad sales quarters significantly impact large companies more than small businesses.

  3. Being top in the industry is more important to large companies.

  4. Large companies can identify and grab market share easier.

  5. Large companies see productive sales executives as assets.

  6. Large companies must invest in sales executive training to stay competitive.

321 Biz Dev has 10 years of content to help CEOs and sales managers at medium and large corporations take sales revenue goals to higher levels.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

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