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321 Biz Development Ranks Supported Industries by Ease to Execute Business Development Strategies

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

321 Biz Development ranks the industries we offer business development services by the ease to implement and execute solutions.


Just about every serious business owner needs a CPA for planning and decision making purposes. Many solo practice CPAs focus on tax preparation, but there are a few CPAs who work with business clients year-round.

Here is a blog article I found listing the top reasons business owners change CPAs. Items listed in this article why people change CPAs is the best I have read.

There are thousands of CPAs in every metropolitan area in the U.S which makes a great partnership between CPAs and 321 Biz Development.


Helping attorneys find new client legal cases is not as easy as supporting CPAs, but attorneys still rank in the number two spot.

The saying 321 Biz Development created for the legal industry is: "no one needs an attorney until he or she needs an attorney". This saying identifies a major obstacle in attorneys finding client legal cases. How do you marketing a legal service to people who are not facing a legal situation?

According to Clio, a Vancouver, British Columbia attorney consulting firm, there are 1.3 million attorneys in the U.S. Like any other industry where there are more providers than potential customers, attorneys must work smart and hard to find new client legal cases.

321 Biz Development builds contact databases for attorneys. Most attorneys across the country cannot market their services over the phone due to state, non-solicitation regulations. However, attorneys can connect with people in person. 321 Biz Development has a marketing plan appealing to business owners and will not violate state, non-solicitation regulations.

321 Biz Development has a training module to guide attorneys to success in public contacting and prospecting. Attorneys must casually introduce themselves to people in public places.

Building an attorney contact database adds 25 contacts per week to the database. Each contact receives a monthly attorney newsletter and two podcast episodes. By week 8, the attorney contact database has at least 200 business owner contacts in addition to contacts generated through the attorney contacting and prospecting in public.

Plastic Surgeons

There are two ways patients seek plastic surgery services:

  1. A primary care provider refers medically necessary services to plastic surgeons and

  2. People choose cosmetic, elective services to enhance their appearance.

Plastic surgeon business development support is similar to attorneys.


Dentists need to market to entire companies in addition to adding new patients through employees selecting dentists from dental directories.

To market to employers and add the majority of employees at companies, dentists need good CPAs, or dentists should have experience analyzing profit and loss statements and using Excel spreadsheets.

Insurance Agents

Financial services specialist challenges exist in prospecting and closing. Since consumers do not get out of bed and think about insurance products, agents need to continuously prospect for clients.

Most insurance agents do not like to prospect for new clients nor have effective prospecting skills. Prospecting training should on the list during agent onboarding.

There are many instances of insurance agents having challenges converting prospects to new clients. Agents are frustrated when they work hard to get appointments and are unable to close.

The insurance industry was the first 321 Biz Development training module created in 2014 because I was struggling with insurance sales.


Realtor challenges exist in prospecting and understanding basic business concepts. The majority of real estate professionals do not have prior business, marketing or economics education.

I hope I helped small business owners get a clearer picture about 321 Biz Development consulting services.

Thanks for reading this blog article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

(855) 585-2500

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