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Almost Post Covid (Lol): Small Business Ownership Just Got Real with Many Economic Variants

It's been a while since I wrote an article. My company has been working with several Congressional candidates who want to Make America Great Again!

Especially here in California, and probably in New York City, South Florida and, possibly other metro areas, small business owners are facing economic variants never seen before.

The business closure variant

Where will small business owners find their next clients when 25-35% of companies have shutdown?

The business investment variant

If revenue uncertainty is high because public health officials are screwing with opening or closing schools, or, governments deciding to allow customers to enter stores and restaurants, hiring people or buy capital equipment is very risky.

The business ROI variant

Let's say small business owners invested money before governments introduced anti-business policies. Business owners now need to put more effort to add more clients to replace the ones they lost.

The business confidence variant

Of all the variants, this one is the most unpredictable. There are small business owners who have been psychologically defeated by lockdowns. Even financial planners are wondering if people want help if their job or business income is experiencing major disruption.

The communist variant

This variant is new. It sprung up out of learning that many members of Congress and higher want to see small businesses and entrepreneurs fail.

321 Biz Dev LLC has the solutions to help small business owners get back on track. The solutions are easy to implement because our company works by your side. The solutions are not expensive and investments have a good ROI.

Please click the Questionnaire link to begin a dialogue about your business needs.

Rick Nappier, CEO

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