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Build Your Own Database…Current Conditions Are Making It Tough to Wait on Customers to Call You

321 Biz Dev is helping small business owners go back to square one and focus on the basics.

Current economic and political conditions are prompting small business owners to focus on marketing programs that work, how to get the biggest ROI for marketing investments, and how to convert past efforts into future revenues.

Unless your products and services are provided to only upper income and A-list clients, it's safe to say the majority of small business owners will admit doing business in 2022 is more challenging than years past.

White-collar small business owners (attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers, real estate brokers and any traditional businesses) with transaction prices of $1,000 and higher, are seeing fewer qualified clients.

First, I thought the downward, trending business climate was a California and West Coast situation. Nope. I spoke with business owners in Georgia, Texas, New York and Florida to confirm that all are experiencing some type of slowdown. Some slowdowns are more severe in some states than other states.

The economic challenges can be traced back to fuel price increases, twenty-percent plus inflation, stock market volatility extremes, employment shortages, and supply chain and food disruptions.

Political challenges are summarized as public uncertainty. Small business owners look at business trends to make decisions and have confidence about their companies. Huge political uncertainty translates into indecision and business stagnation. No company owner wants to make an otherwise good decision in a bad political climate.

How will "Build Your Own Database" or BYOD grow your business?

Technology will not guarantee success with BYOD. Thousands of white-collar small business owners have discovered that digital marketing tools like social media are not working.

BYOD requires your company or 321 Biz Development contact and add businesses and people to your database. These contacts receive emails and podcast interviews to learn more about your company's products and services

Consumers buy from company's they know and trust.

The good news is 321 Biz Development contacts, via phone, mostly other business owners. 321 Biz Development rarely calls residences.

Per month, 100 business contacts are added to your contact database. Each month your contacts will receive 321 Biz Dev and your company podcast episode interviews links and newsletters about your company's products and services.

By the end of month three, your business database will contain 300 business contacts.

321 Biz Development can train your staff to implement BYOD. Or, your company can hire 321 Biz Development to do the work for you.

It is unlikely your staff will want to contact other businesses by phone. Also, hiring a full-time business development specialist may cost your company a minimum of $4,000 plus benefits and the 321 Biz Development training fee. Efforts to implement BYOD require years experience in public relations skill building.

Please contact 321 Biz Development at (415) 465-1700 to inquire about a 3-month term contract (renewable for additional 3-month terms) to help build a customer database for your company.

Rick Nappier, President

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