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Coming Soon: Seven Articles to Stimulate and Motivate White Collar Small Business Owners

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

And, each article will be accompanied by a podcast episode.

Articles and podcast episodes (Anchor & Buzzsprout) coming this week of November 16:

  1. Note to Self: You Own the Company; Time to Act Like It During CV-19 Lockdowns

  2. Successful Selling: Finally Defeating the Sales Boogeyman Under the Bed

  3. Our Company is Leading the Way to Overcome CV-19 Sales Challenges

  4. It's Okay to Say Your Practice Needs a Better Sales Plan

  5. Your Prospects Are Begging for Great Sales Experiences

  6. Sometimes, What You Don't Know Can Hurt Your Business

  7. Dear Salespeople: Don't Ever Feel You Are Beneath Another Business Owner

White-collar small business owners interested in a free, 60 minute consultation should complete a 5-minute questionnaire located under the "Services" tab. Rick or Yeilyn will call you by the next business day to schedule the consultation.

Please contact:

Clarence "Rick" Nappier, CEO, Lead Consultant at (786) 697-3401, or

Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, Business Development (English or Spanish languages) at (786) 697-3400 (The "Y" in Yeilyn is pronounced as a "J".

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