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Constant Contact is the Best Tool Ever for Our Clients' Unique Sales Growth Needs

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Isn't it amazing how that one thing becomes a business game changer?

Email marketing has been around for about 10 years. Statistically, business owners see low email marketing response rates because consumers often send email marketing campaigns to spam or they hit the UNSUBSCRIBE button.

321 Biz Dev LLC just our launched Digital Networking platform, which is a perfect match for Constant Contact's email marketing service. In fact, the benefits and features our clients receive using Constant Contact widely surpass the monthly subscription price 321 Biz Dev pays.

Because 321 Biz Dev is a consulting firm and not a marketing company, our problem-solving analyses extend further than simply recommending Constant Contact for opt-in, email marketing campaigns.

The Constant Contact opt-in, unsubscribe features do not appeal to 321 Biz Dev white-collar business clients. There is no strategic advantage realized by our clients using these features. Our clients would be no closer to adding new customers using opt-in, unsubscribe features with Constant Contact than they would without Constant Contact.

A consultant's role is to give clients predictable solutions with high success probabilities. At 321 Biz Dev, we know money is tight now and our clients may not get 2nd or 3rd chances to invest precious dollars to grow their businesses.

Why is Constant Contact a game changer for 321 Biz Dev clients?

To answer the above question, let me lead with two questions below:

  • As a business owner, using email marketing would you prefer a 1-3% engagement and high unsubscribe rates, and the 1-3% engagement deliver very few sales? Or,

  • As a business owner, would you prefer a 95% engagement and 5% or less, opt-out, unsubscribe rates on a growing list of contacts who already know who you?

The differentiating factor is how 321 Biz Dev looks at "contacting" compared to how email marketing companies use tools like Constant Contact.

Opt-in email marketing is not pro-active. In contrast, 321 Biz Dev's efforts using Constant Contact is proactive and maximizes client results with permission-based marketing.

321 Biz Dev's solutions to help our clients originate at the consultant level. Meaning, it matters to 321 Biz Dev that we achieve favorable ROI results for our clients and protect our clients' reputations.

321 Biz Dev's competitive advantage strategy develops permission-based sales growth solutions for white-collar small business owners seeking to attract potential customers.

If high engagement with low opt-out, unsubscribe rates are appealing to you, then 321 Biz Dev LLC is the best choice.

321 Biz Dev LLC also offers sales system training and business development services to small business owners wanting more control in growing their companies.

Thank you for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

As a former San Francisco club DJ, this is the theme song for today's article.

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