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Did Your Get Up and Go...Get Up and Leave?

We at 321 Biz Dev LLC are not motivational speakers. Motivational speaking is not our specialty.

321 recommends white-collar small business owners seek motivational training from Tony Robbins or Gary V, two very popular motivational speakers. However, we recommend small business owners attend motivational seminars after getting a firm sales system understanding. Sales performance is significantly boosted by motivational training after salespeople acquire strong fundamentals.

With that said, once a salesperson has strong sales fundamentals using a sales system, motivational seminar become less important because a salesperson’s success (hitting contact, prospecting and closing goals) becomes the motivation.

In contrast, not having strong sales fundamentals, salespeople experience many peaks and

valleys (mostly valleys) in their sales careers.

Often without strong sales fundamentals, the “Get Up and Go” never gets up. What do I mean by this statement? People’s perceived get up and go never was there to begin with.

If salespeople are closing occasional deals, without using a sales system, deals were not predictable in nature. Meaning, if the salesperson does not use the pipeline approach to methodically move potential clients through the contacting, prospecting and appointment setting and closing phases, then transactions were by referral or luck.

When the salesperson believes he or she is productive and is not using a sales system, an occasional transaction is misleading. Being misled about productivity creates a false sense of reality. This false sense of reality over time limits salesperson growth and maturity.

What does it mean when a salesperson’s spirit “Gets Up and Leaves”? When does it take for the “Get Up and Leave” to kick it?

Literally anything impacting sales activity negatively can deflate salesperson morale. For example, this corona virus panic and fear in the US and around the world right…has caused most salespeople to shutdown the little sales activity they had. Some white-collar small business owners had to shutdown by order of their state or county to avoid fines and lawsuits.

When salespeople are not familiar with the benefits and advantages of using a sales system, morale drops quickly. A sales system would keep people in business even if operations are not fully open.

All white-collar small business owners can still perform sales production activities even though previous available hours are cut back. In fact, in times of an economic reboot, now is a great time to work your business because the competition is not working as hard or not at all.

The main purpose of becoming comfortable using a sales system is build sales confidence and performance stamina. Sales confidence gives salespeople the boost to continuously contact and prospect people like a machine.

During positive business cycles, the salesperson will prospect. During negative business cycles, the salesperson will prospect. As long as there is a great potential or not so great potential for new business, the salesperson using a system will contact and prospect.

Performance stamina is another result of using a great sales system during negative business cycles.

During a negative sales cycle, the salesperson may need to increase contacting and prospecting by 30% or 50% to achieve the same revenue goals when the sales cycle was positive. A 30% to 50% increase, starting at 30 contacts per day, means the salesperson will contact and prospect 39 – 45 potential clients.

Unfortunately, many white-collar small business owners will succumb to the current economic and experience massive business failure. However, small business owners can remove the failure option by making a decision to develop sales confidence and performance stamina.

The last thing I want to share on this blog post is preparing your mind to focus and getting in the habit of using a sales system is easier than you think. Many salespeople, before coming a 321 sales system client, believe the scariest moments will be going through the process of overcoming sales fears.

I recall my greatest fearful moment just 10 years ago when I was working at a financial services company in San Jose CA. I was preparing to sell financial services products to high net worth consumers. One of my fears was my insecurity of selling to people worth $5M - $10M.

But my greatest fear was the company did not have a system for me to grow sales confidence. The San Jose based company spent 99% of the training time on understanding their insurance products.

I already knew the insurance products benefits and features. Those parts were a piece of cake. The challenges I had were, first, how to contact and prospect high net worth individuals and, second, if I got the appointment, what conversation would I have. At a previous company, I had already failed (meaning, lost a few sales because I didn’t have a sales system).

Looking back, I did not even know that I needed a sales system. And the company senior management did not know they could boost salesperson performance by using a good sales system.

Past experiences secure my certainty that salespeople will improve contacting and prospecting skills and achieve high closing ratios using the 321 sales system. This is why I state, as I did in the podcast episode introduction: “We know what the sales performance struggle is like because we were once there, too”.

If you are a white-collar small business owner, and this post addresses a concern or situation that you are going through right now, please do not hesitate to ca”ll me at (833) 321-3212 or internationally using WhatsApp at +1 406-402-6400 to see if 321 Biz Dev LLC can help you find a winning solution.

We recommend small business owners looking for solutions, visit our website at and click the SERVICES tab to complete a survey/questionnaire to we can get to about one another.

Thanks for reading this post. Make it a great day.

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