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My Business Must Be the Hardest...But There is a Reason Why

321 Biz Dev does not sell a tangible product or service.

There is nothing to put in the back of your car you purchased. There is nothing new to see as a nice body enhancement. There is no immediate excitement to feel when you get a favorable verdict in court.

Our consulting services provide a professional sales educational experience for pennies on the dollar compared to national training firms.

Our educational experience begins with a 6- to 9-hour training session on business development basics. There is an optional component if small business owners need support in contacting and prospecting for new clients.

I mentioned the optional component because, when I began my journey to improve my own skills, it took about two years for me to reflect upon past experiences and decide I needed to continue the initial exposure to a sales system.

My initial exposure came from a training class I attended two years prior to my epiphany. The training material was presented by a person who sold his Silicon Valley software company stock to start a San Francisco insurance agency.

Looking back, I was running my business without a predictable, repeatable and logical system. I was losing money even though I was working hard and knew my products well.

After failing miserably at a prospect appointment where I could have earned $6,000, and thinking all the variables were in my favor to close, the decision was made to examine what I really knew about business development.

If you are reading this article or listening to the podcast episode and have a sense you're stuck in white-collar business, you may need to contact 321 Biz Development.

Not everyone will get this feeling of desperation to improve business development skills. Perhaps, only 5% of white-collar small business owners truly want to achieve better results.

Finding the 5% is what makes my business difficult. However, my past clients get complete satisfaction and have more control over growing their businesses.

How can a business owner identify if he or she is ready for 321 Biz Development consulting services?

There are five, front-end sales activities which determine business success, mediocrity or failure. These are the five sales activities business owners typically encounter obstacles. I will also include the top effort-based task to increase success in each area.

1. Low contacting numbers

  • Overcome anxiety to contact people

2. Not prospecting enough contacts

  • Ask good qualification questions

3. Too few appointments

  • Set professional appointments

4. Low closing ratios

  • Use the 321 Biz Dev closing system

5. No referrals from recent clients

  • Give prospects and clients great sales experience (steps 1-4 above)

The 321 Biz Development 6- to 9-hour training session details why white-collar small business must begin to path to master these five front-end activities. A 321 Biz Development, proprietary sales system is provided at the end of the session to put clients on the right track

321 Biz Development understands the journey to improve sales productivity and sales performance is a decision that may challenge business owner's pride, educational achievements and technical knowledge.

321 Biz Development has three levels for white-collar small business owners to gain control of their operations. Please visit the "About" page to learn more.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

(855) 585-2500

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