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Pitches, Hits, Strikes and Balls in the Selling Industry

The exciting thing about working as a business consultant is there are so many events, occurrences and situations to connect with solving sales challenges. I believe this because everything in our lives is intertwined with something else, one way or another.

Baseball is one of these events having many similar outcomes as selling.

The four areas connecting sales to baseball are: pitching, hitting, strikes and balls. These analogies are all from a salesperson's perspective.


Pitching is real close to the sales phrase "making a sales pitch" except you, the salesperson, do not want to strike out potential clients. You want potential clients to get hits. And the salesperson does not want potential clients to strike out.

Salespersons' clients getting hits means potential clients are connecting with the sales message. In contrast, strikes are not good.


Hits for salespeople mean potential clients have made it to first base and, hopefully, back to home plate with smiles on their faces. Salespersons' pitches should encourage potential clients to make it around the bases.


Strikes mean salespersons are sending potential clients back to the dugout. This is not a good thing because the next pitcher, aka a competitor, may connect with potential clients you struck out to close the sale.


Finally, balls means the potential client did not see good pitches to get hits. The potential client did not swing enough and may have, at a 3-2 count, swung, miss and struck out.

When salespeople do not have a sales system, potential clients often just watch pitches go outside, inside, high or low.

Potential clients want to swing at strikes. Throwing balls might mean salespeople have to work harder to throw strikes.

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I hope this short article is a "hit" with readers.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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