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Seeking Psychologists to Help Small Business Owners Deal with Change

321 Biz Development supports primarily white-collar small business owners providing products and services, at prices starting at $1,000 and higher, with sales system and business development training.

Over the last five years, we have identified one major obstacle causing business owners not to seek affordable training for companies to add new clients.

That major obstacle is CHANGE.

321 Biz Development is looking to partner with psychologists who have the education and experience to help attorneys, CPAs, certified financial planners, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance professionals, real estate brokers and any business owner selling products and services starting at $1,000 and higher.

What 321 Biz Development already knows

Business owner clients who enroll in 321 Biz Development 6-9 hour sales system and business development training come to us by our outbound phone or face-to-face outreach. We have never added a new client via social media or website marketing. And there are reasons why business owners do not respond to digital marketing advertisements to increase their companies' productivity and performance levels. We covered this topic five years ago.

Business owner clients identify their want or need for our training after a 60-minute Q&A session where they talk about their current and present actions and experiences to expand their client base.

321 Biz Development could continue to be a successful consulting firm, as we are, by extending our services to white-collar business owners on a professional and personal level. However, through indirect and third-party conversations with colleagues and acquaintances, 321 Biz Development strongly believes we can help even more companies.

Enter licensed, experienced psychologists who understand how people think and deal with CHANGE.

What 321 Biz Development does not know

The man or woman with a $500,000 education to perform services at $1,000 and higher has a major challenge finding new clients. Although the $500,000 education from a great university and years experience prepare the man or woman to fulfill a client's order, i.e., go to court, manage financial records, recommend financial strategies, perform tummy tucks, perform root canals, etc, the training to initiate relationships BEFORE fulfilling orders was not included in the $500,000 tuition fee.

Since managing CHANGE to stimulate or motivate people to take actions to add more clients is outside 321 Biz Development's expertise, our company seeks to partner with experienced psychologists.

What 321 Biz Development has learned

Browsing various psychologists content, we have isolated actions to initiate CHANGE to four bullet points, as shown in the image below:

In my own conversion to improve my situation and start 321 Biz Development, I received an epiphany for all the above bullet points about 11 years ago . Hurting, learning, receiving and seeing were present to install positive, corrective actions to put me on the right path.

I had an advantage in this process of improving my situation.

Searching for solutions has been in my mental makeup since I was teen. Trained, experienced psychologists can simplify and accelerate how people navigate the CHANGE process. The psychologist can quickly identify triggers to remove unproductive behaviors and negative thoughts and install productive behaviors and positive thoughts.

321 Biz Development has success, but we can only go so far

321 Biz Development's 6-9 hour sales system and business development training can help white-collar small business owners with strong desires to seek solutions. Here's one of the training module slides used to give business owners a launchpad to add more clients.

Shown in the image below, 321 Biz Development asks small business owners if they want to run their companies from a position of Prospecting with Power.

In fact, this one module slide tells 321 Biz Development if a business owner can move forward to grow his or her company, or not.

If you are an experienced psychologist and this article or podcast episode piques your interest, please do not hesitate to call me directly at (415) 963-4500 in the San Francisco area. So many business owners can use your help.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

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