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Small Business Owners Should Seek Advantages, Not Opportunities

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This article highlights intermediate to advanced small business owner material for attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers. Each industry has an advantage component superior to the opportunity component.

Before I identify each industry's advantage component, let me summarize the difference between an opportunity and an advantage.

An opportunity is available to every person meeting the minimum participation requirements.

For example, if a person wants to become physically fit, he or she has the opportunity to sign up at local fitness center. The only requirement to access the opportunity is to pay the monthly subscription.

No other eligibility requirement is necessary. A person who has never picked up a barbell has the same opportunity as an experienced person with five years experience working out.

An advantage is the powerful addition to give the person the edge to achieve superior results. Using the above fitness center example, the fitness center member who pays for a personal trainer has a better likelihood of achieving fitness results far exceeding the results of members working out on their own.

One other comparison between an opportunity and an advantage is the person seeking the advantage knows a superior result is the ultimate goal. In other words, an advantage does not happen by chance although luck may play a role in being in the right place at the right time to encounter the advantage.

My own personal story about gaining the advantage I have today began when I started selling long-term care insurance for a San Francisco Bay Area insurance agency and attending a seminar where a Boston guest speaker said something very profound, changing my whole outlook about sales.

The San Francisco insurance agency owner was a former engineer who trained his agents using a systems approach. It makes perfect sense that an engineer would be more likely to design a sales system to run the agency. Engineers' minds revolve around connecting parts to other parts to make the final product work.

The Boston speaker was an attorney who never sold insurance, but his legal consultations involved advising people on elder care issues. The attorney saw how insurance clients were badly counseled about insurance purchases.

In some cases, the attorney discovered that many of his clients should have purchased long-term insurance, but the agents lacked the proper training to give practical advice. When the attorney met with elder clients, he had to fix problems insurance products would have solved.

Let's look at each of the industries and, first, describe the opportunity, then identify the advantage.


The opportunity is passing the state bar exam to practice law. Every attorney passing the state bar exam has the opportunity help people with their legal needs. The state bar exam is not a piece of cake to pass. Some examinees had to take the state bar exam multiple times to become attorneys. A few examinees never pass the exam.

Some readers and podcast listeners may say attorneys who pass the exam have an advantage over examinees who do not pass exams. But what I can tell readers and listeners is an overwhelming percentage of attorneys struggle with finding new clients. So, the opportunity to pass state bar exams to work as attorneys is not a great as it appears.

The attorney advantage comes when the attorney has a system of finding new clients. Attorneys using a sales system will never be without clients. The sales system is the advantage.


The opportunity is passing the state dental certification to practice dentistry. Every dental student passing certification has the opportunity to correct patients' dental issues.

The challenge with dentists is there are a lot of dentists in every metropolitan area. Most dental practices wait for potential patients to make first contact. There are too many dentists and not enough patients needing intermediate to complex treatment for all dentists to make enough money.

The advantage for dentists lies in the business development system dentists can use to find more patients. 321 Biz Dev has the solution and we provide the solution to help dentists significantly grow their independent dental practices.

Plastic Surgeons

The opportunity and advantage is similar to dentists.

Insurance Brokers, Agents

The opportunity is similar to attorneys' opportunity. There is a state license and other requirements to pass. To become an insurance broker/agent is less complex than passing the state bar exam.

In the U.S., several life insurance journals wrote that 87% of life insurance agents exit the financial services industry or do not make any money in the first year. The 87% statistic represents a clear sign that the opportunity to sell life insurance has no guarantee the agent will be successful.

The advantage available to life insurance agents is similar to my personal story I mentioned in the beginning.

The clear advantage for life insurance agents is to use a sales system. A life insurance agent is guaranteed to succeed and make the money they need and want. Success is automatic!

Now, I must share a current, in-progress story about a mother-daughter insurance broker team from Miami, Florida.

Moraima is the mother and Yeilyn is the daughter. The mother has been in the insurance industry for a number of years and the daughter is testing the week of January 11, 2021.

In full disclosure, the daughter works as a bilingual (English, Spanish languages) 321 Biz Dev Vice-President. It was very rare to find the daughter who has a natural drive to communicate with people in public. Again, this is a rare attribute, to Yeilyn's credit.

Moraima saw the opportunity to work as an insurance salesperson. Fortunately, Moraima found a niche opportunity to make some money but not as much money on a consistent basis to achieve her financial goals.

Enter 321 Biz Dev.

The same situation I experienced as an agent is what I am duplicating with Moraima and Yeilyn. The two are receiving information to capitalize on the advantage of working in the financial services industry.

No company has presented the advantage component to Moraima and Yeilyn. Moraima, a Cuban American, who is extremely professional, never got the advantage training to increase a $100 commission to a $2,500 commission. 321 Biz Dev is providing this advantage.

With Yeilyn, Moraima's Cuban American daughter, the raw talent is already present. Four months, I observed Yeilyn, in several 321 Biz Dev live-call sessions, call white-collar business owners with the skills and professionalism she ALREADY possessed prior to 321 Biz Dev sales system training.

Readers and listeners, please understand this. Mechanically, it was easy for Yeilyn to call CPAs, attorneys and dentists. But for the majority of people...even attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers... it is mentally challenging to call others to talk about their businesses.

The advantage to insurance brokers is learning a sales system to develop a visible, logical and repeatable method to sell life insurance. Just like the advantage passed on to me, Moraima and Yeilyn will have incredible success as 321 Biz Dev is providing the advantage component.

Real estate brokers

The opportunity is similar to attorneys. There is a state license and other requirements to meet.

To become a real estate broker or agent is less complex than passing the state bar exam. The real estate broker needs years in the industry, completed transactions, or, in some cases, qualify as a new broker by graduating with a four-year real estate degree or law degree.

The advantage for real estate salespeople is similar to the insurance broker/agent advantage. Like insurance agents, the majority of real estate salespeople enter the real estate industry with little to no prior sales experience.

The advantage to real estate brokers and agents is learning a sales system to develop a visible, logical and repeatable method to find buyers and sellers.

Every white-collar small business owner needs to discover the advantage in their industries.

Interested parties can contact me, Rick Nappier, CEO, at (833) 321-3212 or Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, Business Development Specialist (bilingual) for English or Spanish contacts, at (786) 697-3400.

321 Biz Dev LLC offers 6- to 9-hour sales system training to help white-collar salespeople improve skills and increase business development results.

Business owners can also complete a 5-minute Questionnaire by clicking the Services tab on our website. Also, click the About tab to learn about 321 Biz Dev LLC. When uploaded, please click HERE to hear the podcast episode version of this blog.

I hope readers enjoyed this article.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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