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Taking a Look At a Marv Levy Quote: "If It's Too Hard for Them, It's Just Right for Us"

Updated: May 26, 2021

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Gaining experience or not gaining experience, over time, can be either a blessing or a curse.

Only time will tell.

Marv Levy was the NFL Buffalo Bills coach from 1986 to 1997. Levy is credited with the phrase, “If It’s too Hard for Them, It’s Just Right for Us”. My military commander must have heard Coach Levy use the phrase because my commanding officer modified it and told the following to us: ““If It’s too Tough for Them, It’s Just Right for Us”.

The timing for my commander to use Levy’s phrase is just about right because I served in a combat unit from 1985 to 1992.

At first thought, blog article readers and podcast listeners may feel the phrase is 100% arrogant and belittling to others. My response comes with a caveat: readers and listeners are probably right that the phrase is arrogant and belittling. And here’s the caveat…the phrase is arrogant and belittling IF a person has never tried to succeed at something requiring massive effort.

There’s a huge confidence gap between putting your human energy into something requiring little effort and succeeding versus something requiring massive effort and succeeding.

Effort in both situations is commendable.

Success is success regardless if the task demands little effort or massive effort. For example, changing your oil on your car for the first time feels like an overwhelming task. But, after you change your oil a few times, the overwhelming task now becomes elementary, requiring little effort.

In contrast, parenting looks like it requires little effort until the parent realizes that the child moving through newborn, toddler, kindergarten, first grade, pre-teen, and teenager stages requires massive effort. Raising children is a 24/7/365 task for 18 years and years thereafter.

Selling successfully is a major task.

Selling is an industry where no one really wants put in the major effort, but everyone wants the money from putting in little to no effort. Using social media marketing to find new clients is a perfect example of applying very little effort in exchange for the hope of big financial rewards. Unfortunately, little in life that is worthwhile comes without putting in some major effort.

The reason why selling is perceived as tough, requiring major human effort, is because people in the sales industry (newbies and many veterans) see interacting with others as an unconquerable obstacle.

The phrase ““If It’s too Hard for Them, It’s Just Right for Us” does not tell the whole story why people feel certain things in life are not too tough. The phrase is misleading. In selling, people assume that great salespeople are born that way.

Not true.

Good salespeople learn sales systems just like good athletes have good trainers. There is a cause and effect relationship with putting in major effort and getting good results.

For people interested in making the tough sales industry look simple, the good news is getting more experience is a decision.

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