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The 321 Digital Networking Session is Here!

Small business owners (SBO) have been asking and waiting for a profit-centered, value-driven business networking platform.

Welcome to 321 Biz Dev's Digital Networking Sessions (321 DNS).

Have you ever been a member of a subscription-based networking group or a chamber of commerce and received very little benefit?

321 DNS surveyed several SBO from various industries and they provided the following feedback:

  1. Attendees were desperate for leads.

  2. Organizers had poor management and people skills.

  3. Subscription fees delivered poor or no ROI.

  4. Considering travel time and below average networking results, joining was a net productivity loss.

SBOs need to know brand name, networking organizers pay thousands of dollars, similar to franchise fees, to start networking groups. Essentially, networking groups are businesses looking to make a profit.

There's nothing wrong with networking groups operating as businesses. But, like any business offering a product or service, the consumer, e.g., the networking group attendee, must realize value for their membership fee.

I recall when I joined a local chamber of commerce in California. Each small business owner had 1-2 minutes to talk about their business. Then, business cards were passed around the table. Time was allotted for attendees to share referrals to other attendees.

Often, there would be about 30 networking attendees and, perhaps, three business owners would receive referrals. As a former corporate sales executive, I always wondered if these networking groups were the primary sources for small business owners to add new clients.

The assumption was correct. I was kicked out of my local chamber of commerce group because 321 Biz Dev referred two patients to a dentist outside of the networking meeting times. 321 Biz Dev is a business development company and the dentist paid me a consultant fee to help to him connect with more patient prospects. The dentist and 321 Biz Dev both canceled our chamber memberships.

321 DNS has two general networking types: Members and Attendees.

321 DNS removes the awkwardness small business owners (SBO) experience with traditional networking by providing the following benefits and features:

321 DNS is available to U.S. and Canada small businesses (and soon in the U.K. and Brazil).

  1. One Member per industry in a metro area.

  2. SBO Member monthly membership, $159, includes two podcast episodes per month and two 60-second ads on 321 Biz Dev sales-performance based episodes.

  3. SBO Members highlight their products and services for 2 minutes on LIVE, 321 DNS webinars.

  4. SBO Members, for a fee, receive 321 the "Selling Without Appearing to Sell" sales system and business development program, valued at $25,000, for pennies on a dollar.

  5. SBO Attendees (25 per week) are added to a growing database.

  6. SBO Attendees are given free, 5-10 minute sales performance tips on how to add new clients.

  7. Bi-monthly, Constant-Contact newsletters with member bios, website links and podcast episodes are emailed to the Attendee database.

The catalyst behind 321 DNS is action! Members and Attendees are encouraged and mentored to utilize the 321 DNS content, conversations and collaboration to perform better tomorrow than Members and Attendees have performed in the past.

It is the lack of specific, meaningful actions that cause most SBOs to not meet their revenue goals.

Metro areas already filled are: Pennsylvania, California, Florida, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. If you are interested in being a 321 DNS Metro Area Leader, please call (341) 344-6895 to get more information.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Dev LLC

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