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The Covid-19 Economic Recovery/Moving-Forward Plan for Dentists

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Timing is an interesting thing.

Just four years ago when my company wrote the business development plan for non-franchised dentists, the plan was not well-received. Since 2016, corporate dental franchises have been steadily growing while independent dental practices have been shrinking.

According to several articles and from my own consultations with independent dentists, sole proprietor dental practices are not competitive business models. This article states "large multi-establishment dental enterprises are continuing to outstrip independent dentists".

Another article states the new patient growth challenge: "It’s important to reinvest continually in marketing your practice, instead of relying on patients to come back on their own."

I can stop citing articles right now. Ninety-percent of the articles I searched for "dental practice growth" never mention how critical the focus should be on adding new patients. Most articles read as if it is a given dentists have enough patients.

Now, let's add the Covid-19 lockdown calamity to dental practice growth and the challenge really becomes an economic epidemic. Independent dental practices can no longer ignore the need to execute predictable sales systems to add new patients.

Independent dental practices must begin growing their practices the tried and true way of using a sales pipeline system. Meaning, practices must:

  1. proactively contact potential patients.

  2. identify which contacts qualify as good prospects.

  3. propose creative payment plans to a diverse set of patients.

  4. convert patient prospects into patient clients.

  5. deliver great dental treatment experiences to get no-cost referrals.

To accomplish the above, dental practices need to learn how a sales system works and implement the sales system.

So what are the obstacles to implementing a sales system?

  1. Dentists do not see themselves as salespeople.

  2. Dentistry and selling are polar opposites.

  3. Dentists never had formal business development training.

The timing is right for independent dentists and 321 Biz Dev LLC to work together.

321 Biz Dev LLC has the right plan for dentists to affordably add new patients.

Dentists can complete a 5-minute questionnaire by clicking the Services tab on our website. Dental practice business owners will need CPAs who understand the dental industry numbers and how to evaluate cost-benefit analysis situations.

If dentists do not have access to CPAs who understand how to calculate and interpret ROIs and make recommendations to accommodate changes to business models, 321 Biz Dev LLC can refer dentists to great CPAs who understand business.

Interested dentists can can also contact 321 Biz Dev LLC at:

Clarence "Rick" Nappier, CEO/Lead Consultant, (786) 697-3401. Or,

Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, Bilingual Consultant (English/Spanish), (786) 697-3400.

Thanks for reading this article.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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