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The Queasy Feeling Business Owners Experience Contacting People About Products & Services is Normal

You. Are. Not. Alone.

I will admit I felt the same way about 20 years ago about owning a business, having the greatest anxiety in my life about contacting people about my products and services.

"Greatest" is emphasized because, serving as a combat soldier in the U.S. military, I thought I had conquered any and all fears.

Today's business owner fear is cloaked with social media fantasies that digital marketing will deliver new clients. I curse the day back in 2010 when small companies embraced social media as an effective advertising tool.

Here's a 2020 article, an updated explanation I first read in 2012, highlighting unproductive social media design.

As a former sales executive who acquired personal and professional development skills before social media, I see the carnage negatively impacting small business owner growth.

The queasy feeling about making contact with new normal.

Before social media, someone starting a business would generally write a business plan and stick to the marketing plan to see success. Business plans were modified as results dictated change.

For most business owners, there was no professional development training due to costs and availability. Only Fortune 500 companies invested in account executives at the cost of $12,000 (in 1998) per sales representative and $25,000 (2023 fee).

In the absence of professional development, the majority of companies "wing it"or, "fake it until they make it". Trial-and-error marketing is very expensive and typically results in failure because ROI is horrible, the money runs out, and/or business owners lose motivation.

To fill the void, 321 Biz Dev LLC offers a condensed version of the $25,000 sales system business development training. The 321 version is a 6-9 hour sales system training, followed by ongoing business development support. It's the best solution to meet today's needs.

321 Biz Dev LLC is here to help small business owners install a proven sales system and support business development.

Thanks for reading this article and/or listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Dev LLC

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