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The Three Consumer Market Drivers White-Collar Business Owners Need to Know

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

321 Biz Development serves the following industries: attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance agents and real estate brokers.

Our research shows 321 Biz Development is the first to identify the three drivers white-collar small business owners need to consider when deciding how to market products and services.

There may be some cross-pollination of this content by other authors. But, our research shows we have identified specific information for each driver.

321 Biz Development highlights below the top factors related to the three drivers.

Demand-Driven Industries

CPA services, bars and restaurants, hair and nail salons

Demand-driven services are price sensitive unless products or services go above and beyond levels provided by competitors.

Event-Driven Industries

Dental services to alleviate pain, plumbers, electricians, personal injury/accidents, criminal defense, buying and selling homes are great examples.

Maximizing business opportunities for event-driven services require marketing before events happen.

Education-Driven Industries

Estate planning advice, retirement planning, plastic surgery treatments, business planning, business development

Achieving business goals in the education-driven environment requires business owners use a professional system so prospects enjoy the buying experience.

321 Biz Development sales system and business development services are education-driven.

All drivers have overlap into other areas. All business owner growth can be increased and customer experience can be enhanced with 321 Biz Dev services.

The podcast episode will provide more details for each of the three drivers.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the content.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

(855) 585-2500

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