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There's a Huge Difference Between Building the Business and Providing Business Services

321 Biz Dev LLC identified the subject topic challenge back in 2014.

A large majority of white-collar small business owners are mostly focused on providing services to consumers and clients, but spend very direct effort in building their businesses.

It makes sense for white-collar small business owners to put their mental energies in law, accounting, dentistry, and medicine, hoping potential customers and clients will find them on the internet or social media.

Attorneys, CPAs, dentists, and plastic surgeons went to college and speciality schools for 4,8 or 10 years to get certified to provide these vital services. These speciality providers are trying to make a decent to above-average living using skills they have developed.

Since the track to success has been believed to be the best in delivering products and services, the concept of business-building has been mostly neglected.

From a practical sense, building the business has very little to do with fulfilling product and service orders.

To explain why this is true, please ask yourself the following question:

Where do clients come from?

If the answer is "satisfied clients refer their friends, family and colleagues...this is what builds businesses", then ask yourself the next question:

Why do businesses with 30 years experience vigorously still ADVERTISE if referrals are so abundant?

Business-building involves mastering the following five, front-end sales activities:

  1. Contacting

  2. Prospecting

  3. Appointment setting

  4. Closing

  5. Getting zero-cost referrals

Without a robust front-end sales system, it might be difficult to find enough consumers or clients to make enough money.

White-collar small business owners find difficulty in achieving client growth in the five front-end sales activities because business development is not taught in law schools, CPA certification courses, dental colleges nor in medical schools.

Business development proficiency takes experience, time, and effort.

321 Biz Dev's Digital Networking Sessions, the first online networking platform, fills the business development void by helping white-collar small business accelerate sales productivity (making more contacts) and sales performance (improve closing ratios).

Essentially, white-collar small business owners need more voices promoting their products and services. Digital Networking Sessions sends promotional digital newsletters within regional networks of business owners and subscribers.

To learn more, please contact Rick Nappier at (415) 413-0900 or Yeilyn Rodriguez at (754) 600-9997.

Thanks for reading this article or listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Dev LLC

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