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They Have Law, Dentistry, Accounting, Medical Credentials-But Finding New Clients is Much Different

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

First, the blog article does not intend to poke fun at any white-collar small business owner.

The article's purpose to put the spotlight on the fact that having degrees, licenses and/or credentials have little to no correlation to attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers finding new clients.

Even holding an MBA adds little to no value to finding new clients.

White-collar small business owners are missing sales system and business development training.

As an olive branch to white-collar small business owners I may have offended, white-collar small business owners are more equipped to understand professional sales system training because of the rigorous study to earn professional degrees.

What is preventing the white-collar small business owners from opening their doors Monday and beginning the journey to add new clients every month?

There are several factors: time, experience, desire and money.

  1. Time-most attorneys, dentists, and plastic surgeons have, at best, 30% of their working time to find new clients. The majority of available time is spent in court, in mouths and performing tummy tucks.

  2. Experience-most if not all professional credentialing courses do not offer sales system and business development training.

  3. Desire-it is rare for white-collar small business owners to be aggressive and have extrovert attitudes about finding new clients.

  4. Money-the average monthly salary to hire a marketing specialist is $5,000 in the southern states, $7,000 in New York City and $10,000 on the West Coast. Now, here is the kicker: most hired marketing specialists will not be able to do the job.

Hopefully, white-collar small business owners will agree that finding new clients is a different animal than providing services learned in college and specialty schools.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

415-963-4500: West Coast

813-400-1000: East Coast

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