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Working Together: Your Business and 321 Biz Development

321 Biz Dev can now publish our fees after finding the right mix of services for white-collar small business owners in different business development stages.

321 Biz Dev is a consulting firm which offers Fortune 500 level sales system training and business development services. The owner, Rick Nappier, used to work as a sales executive and operations manager at a Los Angeles health insurance company, helping medium to large companies with employee health benefits.

321 Biz Dev supports the following industries: attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers.

In addition to deciding to publish our fees, 321 Biz Dev is getting feedback on current economic decisions prompted by higher inflation rates and overall policies coming out of Washington D.C. Small business owners are quietly voicing their concerns about finding new clients during these tough economic times.

321 Biz Dev separates our services into three levels.

Entry gives small business owners the opportunity to talk about their companies in two, 30-minute sessions per month. Also, 321 Biz Dev attaches, two, 30-second ads to business-based podcast episodes per month.

Research from consumer behavioral psychologists report that buyers increase the likelihood they will purchase if they hear about business owners' backgrounds and companies' product and services.

It is our company's opinion that white-collar small business owners need to elevate their communications presence in communities. At the end of the day, business owners and consumers are more alike than different. The goal is to make friends. People buy from friends.

Exploratory Level allows the small business owner and 321 Biz Dev to spend more time to get to know one another. It's natural that, regardless of mutual benefit, two groups cannot work together until they bond and have a common interest to succeed. I experienced this in corporate America working with teams.

Exploratory services include Entry Level podcasting and adds one-hour per week coaching on one of the five, front-end sales activities: contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing and getting zero-cost referrals.

Sales challenges exist in one or more of the previously mentioned five areas. The one-hour session per week lets the small business owner and 321 Biz Dev talk about current business conditions.

Sales challenges could include not making enough or any contacts to having low closing ratios to experiencing little to no referral business from new clients.

321 Biz Dev has a vast sales performance and productivity toolbox to offer advice to help the small business owner overcome sales obstacles.

After the Exploratory Level, some small business owners begin to understand how 321 Biz Dev can help increase sales. The small business owner may want to select the Builder level to hire 321 Biz Dev to launch the five sales activities (contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing, and getting zero-cost referrals).

Builder level services include Exploratory services and adds the following powerful, Fortune 500 sales system and business development services:

  1. Attend online six-hour sales system training.

  2. Create a contact database, publish monthly newsletter.

  3. Target contacts in a specific county or zip code range.

The six-hour sales system training was written in 2014 using corporate level training from Miller Heiman, now Korn Ferry.

There is a formal process to add new clients. The sales system training alone is valued at $25,000 if the small business owner had to purchase it from a national sales training company. After the $25,000 purchase, the small business owner would need to move through a difficult six-month (1,000 hours) sales performance learning curve. The 321 Biz Dev Builder works side-by-side with the small business owner to move through this learning curve with positive, predictable results.

321 Biz Dev creates a contact database of 25 new business owners per week. The sales funnel concept stacks contacts at the top of the funnel until prospect appointments trickle from the funnel's bottom.

321 Biz Dev can help publish and distribute a monthly newsletter to contact database recipients. Many small business owners do not have a deliberate method to consistently reach out to and message new potential clients.

The small business owner can identify a city, county or zip code range for 321 Biz Dev to build the contact database.

The California version includes Builder services but reduces the monthly fee if the small business owners sends insurance or real estate referrals to our clients.

California is probably the state hit the hardest economically and we want to extend affordable solutions to our fellow California business owners.

321 Biz Dev understands this business development conversation may be difficult for some white-collar small business owners. Current economics may motivate, like never before, small business owners to take control of their enterprises.

Please contact Rick Nappier at (415) 465-1700 if you need more information on Entry, Exploratory or Builder business development levels. Please watch video below for pricing.

Thanks for reading this article.

Rick Nappier, President

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