The Why of Our Services for White-Collar Small Business Owners (WCSBOs)

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321 Biz Dev LLC, started in 2014, helps white-collar small business owners improve productivity, performance and profitability. 321 Biz Dev LLC firmly believes no digital technology, no social media platform, no sophisticated website SEO coding nor marketing gimmicks pitched by well-intentioned marketing companies will ever replace the sales-pipeline system for small business owners selling high priced products and services.


Rick is a former Fortune 500 sales manager with 20 years experience selling health insurance to large employer groups in California and Washington states.  In prior years, Rick served in the U.S. military in several countries and worked as a San Francisco club DJ. He is the architect of the 321 "Selling Without Appearing to Sell" sales-pipeline system.

Yeilyn, a native of Cuba, has many years experience working with the public at big name companies such as Harley-Davidson, just to name a few. Ms. Rodriguez supports both English and Spanish language business owners in South Florida and any country where the Spanish language is spoken. By the way, the "Y" in Yeilyn is pronounced like a "J". When Yeilyn is not working, she spends her time with her fiancé dining at one of many Miami-Ft Lauderdale-Palm Beach restaurants and volunteering in pro-America, freedom-based causes near and dear to her heart.

Roxana (picture coming soon) is an Arizona resident, a Florida native and former Tampa police officer. Roxana used to own a scuba diving instructor business where she took her clients to swim with bull sharks in the Fiji Islands. Roxana's free time is spent with her hubby working on their Northern Arizona cabin retreat property. Roxana and Rick have known each other since Tampa high school days where Roxana was the lead dancerette and Rick served as the high school Future Business Leader of America president.

Yeilyn, Roxana and Rick look forward to supporting the business growth needs of attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers.


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