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Working Together: Your Business and 321 Biz Dev

The 321 Sales Funnel System Helps Manage and Track Sales Team Success

An Employer's Best Friend

More About 321 Biz Development

321 Biz Dev LLC, started in 2014, helps white-collar small business owners improve productivity, performance and profitability. 321 Biz Dev firmly believes no digital technology, no social media platform, no sophisticated website SEO coding nor marketing gimmicks pitched by well-intentioned marketing companies will ever replace the sales-pipeline approach for small business owners selling high priced products and services.

321 Biz Dev is an advocate of business owners speaking about their products and services to the public in face-to-face settings or over the phone. Business owners should not go broke paying for expensive, unpredictable marketing campaigns.


Rick is a former Fortune 500 sales manager with 20 years experience selling health insurance to large employer groups in California and Washington states.  In prior years, Rick served in the U.S. military in several countries and worked as a San Francisco club DJ. He is the architect of the 321 "Selling Without Appearing to Sell" sales-pipeline system.

Rick looks forward to supporting the business growth needs of attorneys, CPAs, dentists, home health providers, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, restaurateurs, boutique shop owners, tattoo shop owners, hair stylists, aestheticians, HVAC shop owners, plumbers, medical groups, and franchising dental organizations.

As of February 2023, 321 Biz Dev LLC has created the first Digital Networking platform to empower small business owners in the U.S., Canada and around the world.

321 Biz Dev Has Our Own Social Media Methodology

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