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321 Biz Dev LLC is the first company to create a functional Live networking environment for small business owners.

Have you ever been a member of a subscription-based networking group or a chamber of commerce and received very little benefit?


321 Biz Dev surveyed several SBO from various industries across the U.S. and they provided the following feedback:

  1. Attendees were desperate for leads.

  2. Organizers had poor management and people skills.

  3. Subscription fees delivered poor or no ROI.

  4. Considering below average networking results and travel time and gas, joining was unprofitable and a net productivity loss.


 Welcome to Live Digital Networking, 321 Biz Dev style!


Digital Networking Session Anchor Monthly Membership
(Sole Proprietor)

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Digital Networking Session Anchor Monthly Membership
(Firm 2+)

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Digital Networking Session SBO Monthly Membership

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321 DNS is available to U.S. and Canada small businesses and consumers.

Subscribers (Free): a company owner or individual who wants to receive a regional list of providers offering products or services. Subscriber features include:

  • Receive growing, digital newsletter of regional small business owners.

  • Learn more about regional small business owners.

  • Hear professional business building tips on live or recorded DNS sessions.


SBO Membership is $99* per month for small business owners to promote business to other Anchors, other Members and Subscribers. SBO Member benefits include:

  • Same as subscribers.

  • Business owner is interviewed, LIVE on Digital Networking Session, once per month.

  • Business owner is interviewed once per month on 321 Biz Development podcast and episode is uploaded to 22 podcast platforms.

  • Business is distributed via digital newsletter to a growing list of regional business owners to include business owner name and website. 

Anchor monthly membership is $299* for sole proprietor or $599* per month for a two-person plus firm, includes:


  • Only one Anchor per region.

  • Up to two podcast episodes per month and two 60-second ads on 321 Biz Dev sales-performance based episodes.

  • Anchor advertisement appears on the top of each digital newsletter.

  • Anchor and DNS produce two podcast episodes per month for upload to 22 podcast platforms.

  • Anchor highlights their products and services for 2 minutes on LIVE, 321 DNS webinars.

  • Anchor for a fee, receives 321 the "Selling Without Appearing to Sell" sales system and business development program, valued at $25,000, for pennies on a dollar.


*SBO Membership and Anchor subscription as month-to-month.No refunds are made after payment is received.

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