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321 DNS is available to U.S. and Canada small businesses and consumers.

Subscribers (Free): a company owner or individual who wants to receive a regional list of providers offering products or services. Subscriber features include:

  • Receive growing, digital newsletter of regional small business owners.

  • Learn more about regional small business owners.

  • Hear professional business building tips on live or recorded DNS sessions.


SBO Membership is $99* per month for small business owners to promote business to other Anchors, other Members and Subscribers. SBO Member benefits include:

  • Same as subscribers.

  • Business owner is interviewed, LIVE on Digital Networking Session, once per month.

  • Business owner is interviewed once per month on 321 Biz Development podcast and episode is uploaded to 22 podcast platforms.

  • Business is distributed via digital newsletter to a growing list of regional business owners to include business owner name and website. 

Anchor monthly membership is $299* for sole proprietor or $599* per month for a two-person plus firm, includes:


  • Only one Anchor per region.

  • Up to two podcast episodes per month and two 60-second ads on 321 Biz Dev sales-performance based episodes.

  • Anchor advertisement appears on the top of each digital newsletter.

  • Anchor and DNS produce two podcast episodes per month for upload to 22 podcast platforms.

  • Anchor highlights their products and services for 2 minutes on LIVE, 321 DNS webinars.

  • Anchor for a fee, receives 321 the "Selling Without Appearing to Sell" sales system and business development program, valued at $25,000, for pennies on a dollar.


*SBO Membership and Anchor subscription IS month-to-month.No refunds are made after payment is received.

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