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321 Biz Dev Can Help Your Business Overcome New Client Acquisition Obstacles

321 Biz Dev is excited for 2022 for many reasons.

We want to let small business owners that the time is now to find ways to remove as many obstacles as possible to find new clients.

321 Biz Dev knows the many challenges small business owners face in connecting with potential clients.

There are common sales system structural challenges, which are:

  1. Not using a sales system nor having access to a sales system.

  2. Little knowledge of a sales funnel to track prospect to closing conversions

  3. Legal obstacles preventing some small business owners from making contacts with potential clients.

This blog article/podcast episode addresses item 3.

321 Biz Dev has been told by mainly attorneys, some dentists and plastic surgeons that state laws prevent these providers from reaching out to potential clients. These laws are put in place to protect consumers from unsolicited marketing pitches.

The good news is those consumer protection laws apply to attorneys, dentists and plastic surgeons. Since 321 Biz Dev is not law firm, not a dental clinic nor a medical practice, these laws do not apply to us.

Please ask about how 321 Biz Dev professionally contacts small business owners without mentioning your business name.

321 Biz Dev is a business development firm with the sole purpose of connecting people who need want or need certain services.

The 321 Biz Dev plan involves reaching out to small business owners in states where 321 Biz Dev has connected with attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons, CPAs and financial services professionals.

When 321 Biz Dev makes contact with a business owner through our podcast, blog, social media or direct phone call, we will post the leads on our website.

Attorneys, dentists, plastic surgeons, CPAs and financial services professionals can also list their businesses on our website.

The short version is the marketing plan motivates business owners and individuals to reach out to professionals on our website.

The four states 321 Biz Dev will start with are: California, Florida, New York and Washington. 321 Biz Dev will call small business owners and individuals in these states to let them know there are providers offering their services.

Overall, the top challenges are:

  1. Providers cannot contact potential clients on a regular and consistent basis.

  2. Potential clients do not have time to research choices or have too many provider choices from which to select.

To get started, 321 Biz Dev requests every small business owner complete a six-hour sales system training session in three, two-hour increments. The training helps small business owners improve the likelihood prospects will be converted into clients.

321 Biz Dev will do two podcast episodes per month for our business development clients.

One of the biggest obstacles to converting prospects to clients is how to proceed with the prospect interview. 321 Biz Dev provides this one help tip to small business owners concerned with the prospect interview...which is discussed in the six-hour training session:

prospects meeting with small business owners typically are at the 50% buying position before appointments.
The sales system/prospect interview format determines if the prospect becomes a client or says no to the product or service at the appointment.

Small business owners need to take calculated risks in growing their businesses. If the risk is small and the reward is high, what do small business owners have to lose?

Our services are also available to other traditional small businesses. Please call to inquire.

Thank for reading this blog article and listening to the podcast episode.

Clarence "Rick" Nappier, CEO

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