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Trials Getting My AirPods in the Right Sections-A Worthy and Valuable Lesson

Sales journeys can be interesting especially when you compare sales tasks and activities to everyday life.

Over the past year, I became frustrated with placing AirPods in the correct sides of a charging receptacle. I would estimate that, out of 100 trials placing the AirPods in the correct sides, I was only successful 15 times out of 100.

Whatever was going on that day, putting the AirPods in the correct positions made time stop. I would hear the drumroll begin as I made decisions about placement.

Per incident, there is a 50-50 chance to correctly placing each earpiece in the correct side. To achieve 15 successful attempts out of 100 did not matter if I started with the left side or the right side first.

Because the negative consequence of achieving 15% success in AirPods placement was not a showstopper in my life, I would make note of another failed attempt and just move on with the rest of my day.

Then, one day, I thought about achieving a 15% closing ratio on business sales activities. Although my closing ratio is much higher than 15% now than when I began working in sales, what if I had to get used to a 15% closing ratio due to circumstances outside of my control like the economy or my health or family situations?

To possibly the surprise of most readers, the most important number is not the 15; it is the 100. In order to achieve the 15 successful attempts, I had to accept 85 unsuccessful attempts. What if I only made 20 attempts? Maybe, I would realize 1-2 successes.

In my business daily environment, attempts, successes and failures are a reality. A sales representative will never remove sales failures...or times when prospects say no.

What would 15 successful attempts out of 100 generate for your business when your ticket price is $1,500 per transaction? Would you make 100 attempts and accept only 15 successes if you could make $22,500 during the time interval to make 100 attempts?

321 Biz Dev LLC helps businesses with sales reps understand the importance of making attempts. 321 Biz Dev sales systems training helps sales reps become comfortable with attempts and steadily increase successful attempts to higher numbers, if possible.

Rick is also an insurance broker providing employee benefits, serving Medicare eligible individuals, and providing various insurance products such as disability, long-term care, final expense and advanced retirement planning.

Rick can be reached at (855) 600-9911.

Thanks for reading this article.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Dev LLC

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