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Our Company is Invoking the Noah's Ark Protocols to Support Small Businesses

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Our Noah's Ark Protocol is a executable business plan we set on the self until indicators showed economic conditions were becoming more unfavorable for small business owners across the country. California was the first state to see deteriorating business growth conditions.

Our data now show states like Florida, Georgia and Texas are showing signs of economic concern.

The five protocol items to stabilize a business are:

  1. Business owner desire to resolve issues to succeed because business recovery requires a plan and proactive effort. If a business was struggling before poor economic policy, before covid and before spiking inflation, it is likely business revenue has fallen and/or expenses have increased.

  2. Business owner must be able to identify his/her internal numbers to begin the recovery process. Looking back, the business CPA or accountant should have alerted the owner of problems long before now. If businesses need a referral to a good bookkeeper skilled in breaking down the numbers to show revenue shortfalls or excessive expense, please let us know.

  3. Business owner must review and evaluate website design and advertising (both traditional and digital marketing) for effectiveness. Many websites are outdated and are not attractive to potential customers. Websites should not cost thousands of dollars. An effective, one-page website design should cost less than $600 and no more than $1,500 for a multi-page website. Not all marketing is good marketing. For digital marketing, there is a step-by-step process to engage potential customers.

  4. Business owners should implement a sales-funnel plan to manage all contacts exposed to company products and services. The plan should include contacts from website, phone, social media and face-to-face engagements. Often, potential sales are lost because there is not an established method to convert qualified prospects into clients.

  5. Business should implement a sales system among all reps to move prospects to clients status. Once fully approved, the sales system should never change. There should not be multiple ways to close deals. The ABC (always be closing) method should be quickly removed from all training. If a company is meeting with 10 prospects and closing 2, 1 or zero, there is a sales system problem. If prospects are willing to meet, there is at least a 50% probably prospects have interests in buying. A good sales system should achieve a 50% to 80% closing ratio. The 321 Biz Dev sales system includes the following:

creating 2-3 business promotions to be uploaded to 22 podcast platforms.
building local business networking groups more effective than LeTip, BNI and local chamber of commerce groups
distributing newsletters to contacts, prospects and past clients

The ultimate goal is to provide people moving through the sales-funnel a great experience from the contacting stage to the closing stage. Doing so will result in eager new clients referring their friends, family and colleagues to your business.

Here's another version of the Noah's ark Protocol below:

321 Biz Dev and our partners are ready to help small business owners implement the Noah's Ark Protocols.

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Thanks for taking the time to read and listen to this content.

Rick Nappier, CEO

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