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321 Biz Dev LLC Can Feature Your Business on the iHeart Podcast Platform

We are excited to announce that after two months of waiting for our application to be reviewed by iHeart Podcast, 321 Biz Dev LLC is now on the platform.

Our content is unique in discussing sales topics typically heard at the corporate level but formatted for white-collar small business owners generating $500K up to a few million dollars in annual revenue.

321 Biz Dev LLC serves the following white-collar small business owners: attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers. These six industries have a lot of overlap in sales systems and business development tasks needed to find new clients. Attorneys’ and real estate professionals’ business growth is focused on prospecting.

Featuring businesses on iHeart Podcast is included in the 321 Biz Dev LLC business development program. The iHeart Podcast platform is number one in the podcasting space because iHeart Podcast has the most well known people and stimulating content.

What is the benefit to 321 Biz Dev LLC clients to be featured on iHeart Podcast?

Let’s first look at how another advertising source has delivered less than expected promotion over the last 10 years. Yes, I’m talking about social media.

Social media has underdelivered for white collar small business owners since its inception.

The main reason why social media has not been successful in driving new business for white collar small business owners is because services priced at $500 and $25,000, and higher, are rarely sold to potential clients when there is very little interaction with the company.

To add to the main reason why social media has delivered lackluster sales results, business owners are seen as pushing their products and services to social media contacts. Just put yourself in the position of the prospective buyer. Would you buy a product service where it could cost you a couple thousand dollars with a business owner or company representative you have never met before? Of course, you would not buy.

Social media sales is more for products and services offered by boutique, niche or gadget sellers priced less than $100. Most people have $100 or less in discretionary income for spontaneously purchases. Items like sunglasses, shoes, phone accessories, concert tickets, health and beauty items, inexpensive jewelry and artwork are good examples.

In contrast, purchases $500 and higher require some degree of buyer-seller consultation before the person decides to buy. Big-ticket, high price consultations go much deeper product/service benefits and features like colors, sizes, shipping costs, and return policies.

Another reason why social media is not a good platform for white-collar small business owners is due to number of service providers in each of the big-ticket, high price industries. Each metro population of 500,000 and higher has thousands of attorneys, CPAs, dentists, insurance brokers and real estate brokers.

These providers decided to attain the education, certification and experience in these industries because these industries are profitable. Economics 101 says the more money to be made in an industry, the more people are attracted to the industry. Therefore, profit potential drives how many players enter an industry.

The major advantage podcasting has over social media, and especially on the 321 Biz Development on iHeart Podcast, is listeners get to hear business owners talk about deeper product or service issues. Listeners get to better know their potential attorney, CPA, dentist, plastic surgeon, insurance broker, and real estate broker on a both a professional and personal level.

Plus, 321 Biz Dev LLC knows the right questions to ask white-collar small business owners. Our past clients, like Rubin Young, a guy running for a political office in South Florida, told me that I asked him the right questions that allowed him to really tell his story. There’s a cliché I remember from marketing: “facts tell, but stories sell”.

The last reason why business owners will have more success as 321 Biz Dev LLC featured guests is podcast episodes are easier to retrieve for future listeners. Listeners can return to the podcast to hear episodes again and/or download episodes. Plus, listeners' friends, former clients and colleagues can refer their contacts to business owners.

Again, I am super excited to have the privilege to podcast on iHeart Podcast and I look forward to inviting 321 Biz Dev clients to give them an additional method to grow their businesses.

Interested parties looking to hire 321 Biz Dev LLC to provide sales system training and business development services can start the process by completing a 5-minute questionnaire located on the Services tab at One of our consultants will contact you on the next business day.

Please be sure to visit our website and click the About and Podcast tabs to watch and hear more about 321 Biz Dev LLC.

You can also contact me at (833) 321-3212, or Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, our bilingual (English/Spanish) business development specialist at (786) 697-3400.

Thanks for reading this article.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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