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A Trump or Biden Presidency: Which Is More Conducive to Finding More Clients?

The following question is asked often now that America is the in the middle of a presidential election decision: "how will the incumbent Donald Trump or challenger Joe Biden impact my ability to grow my business?"

The answer is, regardless who is the president on January 20, 2021, if you want more clients, it's going to require effort.

I heard a television consultant debate an anchor with the claim that a second-term Donald Trump presidency favors small business owners. The anchor mentioned a few items in support of Joe Biden.

My take? In terms of finding new customers, the current situation will be challenging no matter who the president is.

Adding to my comment above, Donald Trump nor Joe Biden will bring new clients to businesses. Finding more clients is still the job of business owners and staff.

At 321 Biz Dev LLC, our consulting practice is ready and willing to help white-collar small business owners (attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers, and real estate brokers) increase sales.

I must add that 321 Biz Dev LLC is not a marketing company. A marketing company's primary role is to promote their clients' businesses to a population demographic. Marketing and advertising companies are not obligated to predictably bring clients to your office nor make your phones ring. Marketing companies are paid to promote your business on search engines, television, radio, newspapers and/or social media.

A couple of months ago, I produced a podcast episode to define the roles of marketing companies, consulting firms and business development organizations. 321 Biz Dev LLC provides consulting and business development services.

Consulting firms are not historically known to work with the industries I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. When I worked at a Fortune 500 company in Los Angeles, I recall giving the Deloitte consultant, advising our company on an IT network upgrade, a check for $125,000 for about one week's work.

I admired how Daniel (from Deloitte) worked with our company because, ultimately, Daniel made our company feel like we made the decision to move the project forward.

One of my top sales victories was adding a large, Southern California company as a new client. The employer paid our health insurance company $3M annually based on my efforts and requested I continue as the account executive in the contract renewal terms.

Small businesses have the same new client, acquisition challenges as big corporations but the numbers (revenue, expenses, and profits) are lower.

When I started 321 Biz Dev LLC in 2014, I knew white-collar small business owners could not afford to hire a big-name, consultant firm. So our company developed training and business development services with predictable good results, great ROI and fair pricing in mind.

Results simply mean we deliver prospects to our clients.

Great ROI means our clients' revenues will exceed consultant and business development fees paid to 321 Biz Dev LLC. We understand the IRR or "internal rate of return" concept which indicates the true financial value we deliver to our clients.

Fair pricing is defined as never charging our clients business development fees until we deliver prospects. Returning to the definition of a marketing company, 321 Biz Dev is not a marketing company.

The only upfront fee we charge is for sales system training. Sales system training is a 6-hour, in-person or online session specifically designed to guide white-collar small business owners through the sales-pipeline concept. A sales-pipeline includes various sales activity stages, from contacting potential clients to converting prospects to clients.

The 6-hour training is required so that white-collar small business owners elevate the probability to 80% minimum the prospect will become a client. Since 321 Biz Dev LLC cannot address prospects' have with legal, accounting, dentistry, surgery, insurance or real estate needs and concerns, 321 Biz Dev LLC wants our white-collar clients to close after we have worked move potential clients through the sales-pipeline.

Over time, white-collar small business owners may move through the learning curve and begin moving their own contacts through sales-pipeline.

The biggest advantage companies realize working with 321 Biz Dev LLC is we begin working with you by finding companies and individuals wanting to meet with you. This way, you can measure our company's effective and make the decision if you want to meet with potential prospects we identified. We recommend you, as the principal, be our guest in a 20-minute podcast interview. We also request principals complete a questionnaire so we can learn more about you and your company. The questionnaire is located under the "services" tab on this website.

321 Biz Dev LLC has several pricing plans for us to bring prospects to white collar small business owners.

Where delivering prospects is not prohibited by some states, we have multi-layered pricing where each additional prospect 321 Biz Dev LLC delivers per 30-day interval...and you close...the fee is lower than the previous prospects.

For companies in which a monthly flat fee is appropriate and legal, we can negotiate mutually-agreeable fees and terms.

321 Biz Dev LLC will provide sales system training to any number of same-industry, white-collar small business owners, but we limit business development services to two, same industry professionals in each metro area.

White-collar small business owners also benefit financially from our sales-pipeline referral component which generates no-fee prospects.

Overall, white-collar small business owners are receiving Fortune 500 level training and business development services at a fraction of the investment paid by big corporations.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with business owners looking to find new customers and clients.

Thanks for reading this article.

Clarence Nappier, CEO (Lead Consultant), (786) 697-3401

Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP (Bilingual Business Development), (786) 697-3400

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