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If 321 Biz Dev Develops All These CPA, Attorney, Dental and Plastic Surgeon Leads, Who Wants Them?

321 Biz Development is the self-proclaimed champion of sales system training and business development services for white-collar small business owners.

How do we know this?

We receive regular requests to interview people from around the United States. Unfortunately, 321 Biz Development only interviews our prospects and clients. Plus, we evaluate other consulting firms' training and business development systems.

321 Biz Development has positioned itself to improve business owner, new client outcomes without using marketing gimmicks.

But, there is still is a challenge we face every day.

The current economy, in its state of recession, is causing business owners to exercise more caution in investing in marketing programs that may deliver poor results. I would take the same measures to make wise decisions, too.

321 Biz Development has never believed in delivering poor ROI to 321 clients. 321 Biz Development is a consulting firm and, by definition, a consultant provides expert advice. If a person or company owner has never developed a system to add more clients, it is not an easy task.

321 Biz Development, prior to offering our professional services, we interviewed or we trained attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers.

We listened to these professionals' business stories as they spoke about their degrees, credentials and licenses not being magnets to attract higher than the expected number of new clients.

A St. Augustine, Florida attorney told me that he never received one hour of sales or business development training in college and law school before opening his law practice.

So how can 321 Biz Development help white-collar small business owners connect with more prospects and add more clients?

First, every business owner 321 Biz Development contacts and begins the consultation process must agree more clients are needed. We respectfully request business owners not be shy by agreeing that the law firm, the dental clinic, the CPA practice or the plastic surgery center needs more clients.

Sometimes, admitting help is needed holds the key to begin the process to grow the business.

Second, business owners need to be able to see 2-3 months in the future while simultaneously learning what they never learned in college and/or licensing institutions. 321 Biz Development will do a series of podcast episodes and email marketing newsletters to business owners we contact in local areas.

Lastly, business owners need to enroll in 321 Biz Development's 6-9 hour sales system and business development class. The 6-9 hour class is scaled down from a $25,000, 80-hour course offered by top sales training schools. Most business owners enroll in the course themselves and often include a key staff member.

Optional: some business owners may need more modern websites. 321 Biz Development can build a simple website with many features, like our website, for $500.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

415-963-4500: West Coast

813-400-1000: East Coast

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