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Raiders of the Lost Networking Professionals

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

The intel was right under my nose the whole time!

As a former combat soldier, I should have figured this out on day 1. But, fortunately, it only took 30 days.

Why not prospect business professionals who already have the networking mindset? Why prospect (or chase, in some cases) business owners who may not be comfortable connecting with lots of people?

There are many traditional networking groups which do not experience the same benefits and features as Digital Networking Sessions Members.

Here are the top powerful additions 321 Biz Dev, Digital Networking Sessions provide above and beyond those offered by traditional networking groups:

  1. Do traditional networking groups give members access to connect multiple times per week with other members? The answer is No.

  2. Do traditional networking groups allow members to access the networking platform from home, the car or office? The answer is No.

  3. Do traditional networking groups interview members individually on a podcast show with 700 episodes and uploads to 22 podcast platforms like iHeart Radio, Amazon Radio, iTunes, Spotify Podcast, and others? The answer is No.

  4. Do traditional networking groups organically add 15 Subscribers (individuals not part of the 20-30 select networking occupations) per week? The answer is No.

  5. Do traditional networking groups send digital networking newsletters to a growing number of Members and Subscribers? The answer is No.

  6. Do traditional networking groups provide Fortune 500 level, business development tips and training? The answer is No.

  7. Do traditional networking groups identify white-collar small business owners as their most influential networkers? The answer is No.

  8. Do these traditional networking groups recognize important trends in the current economy impacting their members? The answer is No.

If you are reading this article or listening to the podcast episode and you belong to a traditional networking group, please ask yourself the above eight questions, over and over again.

If you are interested in learning more about the Digital Networking Sessions, please enter your contact information on our home page.

We hope you enjoyed this article and podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Dev LLC

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