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Small Business Owners and Consumers Expectations, Realities, and Rewards From the DNS

As 321 Biz Dev LLC officially launches the Digital Networking Session (DNS), we are extremely excited about the success it will have. We expect Digital Networking Session success will become a reality.

DNS came to life after thinking how 321 Biz Dev could positively impact small business owners after providing 6-9 hour training sessions and business development services. Over the last 8 years, 321 faced the following challenges with our business model:

  • Small business owners who took the 6-9 hour classes were unable to immediately add new clients. There was still a six-month, skill-building learning curve to overcome.

  • Ultimately, prospecting reluctance stymied business grow, and continued even as small business owners communicated desperate needs for more clients.

DNS mitigates learning curve obstacles and prospecting reluctance by dripping sales system and business development tips in bite-size quantities. Meaning, small business owners can "earn while they learn".

Instead of small business owners paying the $2,000 to $5,000 sales systems training fee, DNS allows small business owners to pay monthly subscription fees and, then, decide, over time, if 321 training is a good fit to grow their companies as business owners engage with each other and potential prospects.

Business owners can stop DNS membership after the 30-day membership period ends. No refunds are offered after monthly subscriptions are paid.

DNS easily competes with traditional networking groups by helping small business owners, as stated above, and creates a more collaborative networking environment. DNS does interview small business owners to assess acceptable communications skills, business acumen levels and reputations in local communities.

DNS statistics favor high 321 Biz Dev success for the following reasons:

every DNS phone call to business owners has a minimum 33% success probability. If "maybe" is included, 66% is the potential success rate in the future.

DNS digital newsletter statistics for 321-connected business look more favorable than other marketing methods. Here's why:

Let's take a sneak peek into probably the most toughest industry: personal injury cases. Let's assume there is a never a time when someone is not injured due to accidents, slips, dog bites, malpractice, etc.

Here is the written form of a truth table for personal injury, accident attorneys, assuming there is an incident.

  • Is the injury significant based on loss of life or limb, lost wages, property loss, and/or pain and suffering? (Yes or No)

  • Can the insurance company settle the claim? (Yes or No)

  • If the insurance company cannot settle the claim because damages go beyond insurance limits or the defendant has no insurance coverage, does the defendant have wages and/or assets to seize or attach to settle damages? (Yes or No)

  • The Big One: How quickly will the personal injury attorney find an injured party before another attorney?

But what if a DNS member or newsletter subscriber, who hears about the personal injury immediately, contacts a DNS attorney member within hours or days of the incident?

Every CPA, dentist, plastic surgeon, general contractor, insurance broker and real estate broker needs to do a "what-if" chart to see what conditions must be Yes in order to add new clients.

The Launch

DNS is not much different than my former occupation as a sales executive at a health insurance company in Los Angeles.

There will be some twists, turns and curveballs small business owners will encounter.

321 Biz Dev believes the consumer is always right. In most settings involving the movement of products and services, customers are king! The DNS big difference will be most small business owners may inconsistently engage with potential customers through DNS.


  • 321 Biz Dev LLC will identify more quality contacts than any social media platform because the majority of DNS contacts are small business owners.

  • Using a simple script, B2B calls encourage small business owners to subscribe without spamming concerns.

B2B calls to businesses never mention 321-client names, but 321 does mention digital newsletter content includes bios, websites and podcast episodes from legal, accounting, dentistry, general contractor, content creator, plastic surgeon, nursing tutor, insurance and real estate professionals.
  • 321 Biz Dev calls represent the two most important sales funnel activities: contacting and prospecting. 321-connected, small business owners will have the responsibility of setting appointments, closing and getting zero-cost referrals. In some cases, 321 Biz Dev may be involved, for a small fee, in pre-appointment intake conversations with prospects.

  • A good percentage of called and engaged small business owners will agree to share their names, email addresses and phone numbers to be included in the newsletter database.

  • Engaged small business owners are assured to receive only 1-2 digital newsletters per month from 321 Biz Dev.

  • Engaged small business owners may refer other business owners to DNS without any 321 Biz Dev extra effort.


  • Since some 321-connected, small business owners have not received 321 Selling Without Appearing to Sell onboarding, there may be some transactions that will fail to close. Most failures happen due to small business owners focusing on their product or service. 321 highly recommends Members continue to listen to weekly sales system training events to improve sales performance. Or, 321 Members should enroll in the 6-9 hour, 321 Biz Dev, Selling Without Appearing to Sell course.

  • 321-connected small business owners will need to practice focusing on customer needs than product-service features.

  • Satisfied customers using small business owner products and services may refer their friends, family and colleagues.

Rewards to Consumers

  • Access to a no-cost, no-spam, digital referral network of professional, service-minded business owners.

  • Customers will enjoy great provider experiences before and after the sale.

Rewards to 321 Members

  • Members will gain access to 350 hours or more of podcast-based, business development learning.

  • DNS serves as a launchpad to greater things in the future.

Rewards for 321 Biz Dev: we could be the premiere destination for consumers to find service providers.

Thanks for reading this article or listening to the podcast episode version.

Rick Nappier, CEO

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