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The Background on Getting 321 Biz Dev Prospect Referrals

This is a simplistic explanation for small business clients and 321 Biz Development to work together.

This blog article and podcast episode goal is to explain the two options 321 Biz Dev available to refer prospects to attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, financial professionals, real estate brokers and other traditional small businesses.

Option 1: 321 Biz Dev is involved in all three activities

The three major, front-end sales activities are contacting, prospecting and closing. Although, at first glance,"closing" appears to be a function to be a performed by an attorney, CPA, dentist, plastic surgeon, insurance agent or real estate agent, 321 Biz Dev has a proprietary prospect-interview form to influence high closing ratios.

The prospect-interview form is included when small business owners enroll in the 6-9 hour sales system, business development training course.

321 Biz Dev contacts and prospects small business owners and forwards prospects to 321 Biz Dev clients. Our clients use the prospect-interview form to close.

Option 2: 321 Biz Dev is involved in Contacting and Prospecting only

The 6-9 hour training nor the proprietary prospect-interview form is included. 321 Biz Dev forwards prospects to 321 Biz Dev clients.

Choosing Option 1 or Option 2

Option 1 develops a stronger business relationship between 321 Biz Dev and clients because more effort is used to deliver warm prospects. The sales system training fee covers the first month's business development.

Option 2 is for 321 Biz Dev clients who have confidence they can close using their own talents and experiences. Payment terms are upfront per individual prospect referral or monthly marketing fee.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

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321 Biz Development

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