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The Effort Required to Help Business Industries 321 Biz Dev Supports

The article communicates the final stages of the 321 Biz Dev Sales System and Business Development programs.

The last question has always been:

how much effort is required by a business owner and 321 Biz Dev to add new clients to companies?

321 Biz Dev supports the following industries: attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers. Each of the above industries has one of three levels of required effort.

The three levels of required effort are: low, medium and high.

These three levels are not associated with level of difficulty. The level of difficulty is a constant. Meaning, among industries 321 supports, 321 Biz Dev work is the same. The effort levels are based on how often an industry is used by consumers and how much work has to be done to convert prospects into consumers/clients.

The three levels

  1. Industries requiring low effort level: CPA and Insurance Services

  2. Industries requiring medium effort level: Dental and Plastic Surgery Services

  3. Industries requiring high effort level: Attorney and Real Estate Services

Next, let's detail why industries are separated into low, medium and high effort levels.

CPA and Insurance Services: low effort level

  • These services have frequent consumer usage.

  • Finding CPA and Insurance customers, clients have the shortest sales cycle.

Dental and Plastic Surgery Services: medium effort level

  • These services are sometimes medically necessary and often elective and vanity in nature.

  • Business owners need to establish a contact database and be ready when the time is right.

Attorney and Real Estate Services: high effort level

  • Attorneys and Real Estate salespersons need to establish a contact database and be ready when prospects call.

  • These services occur when consumers have an urgent need to request services.

  • Attorneys and Real Estate salespersons need to decide if their practices want more clients.

The last item in this list places attorney and real estate services in the high effort level because the amount of money earned is significant on often inconsistent time intervals. A few good income earning months remove the urgency to establish a consistent earning pattern until attorneys and real estate professionals experience income droughts.

321 Biz Dev has entry level to full-service business development programs to support finding new clients.

For a no-charge consultation to learn what is best for your business, please contact Rick Nappier at (415) 465-1700.

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