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Think You Are A Good Closer? 321 Biz Dev Can Provide You Prospect Leads Using Our System

In general, business development offers different ways to support companies looking for more clients and customers. Small business owners can:

  • Spend $10,000 to $25,000 on marketing mailers

  • Advertise on radio and television

  • Place ads in community newspapers

321 Biz Dev has two methods to help white-collar small business owners add new clients.

  1. Train owner and/or staff using traditional B2B phone call or face-to-face prospecting techniques. Or,

  2. Serve as a virtual marketing representative using our lead generation system to connect warm lead buyers with business owners.

Method 1 usually attracts about 5-10% of business owners who want to have full control of adding new clients. This involves attending a 9-hour, 321 sales system, business development course. This downsized course is provided at a fraction of the $25,000 cost of the 80-hour course taught by top sales training schools.

Choosing Method 1, 321 Biz Dev continues to work with businesses on a contract basis for 12 months, providing refresher training and assisting with setting appointments.

Most other business owners choose Method 2 because they do not have the time, money or interest in learning how to development their clients from scratch.

Method 2 caters to white-collar business owners who literally have no time to find customers because of court, audit, dental or surgery commitments.

Here are the steps 321 Biz Dev uses to support white-collar small business owners for Method 2:

  1. 321 Biz Dev contacts small business owners in our client's local area.

  2. Receptive owners are added to the 321 Biz Dev private database.

  3. These owners receive monthly digital newsletters with blog article and podcast episode links.

Method 2 investments range from $500 to $800 per month for developing prospects, articles and podcast episodes, depending on the industry. Insurance and real estate marketing support may require insurance agents and real estate agents to sign referral agreements.

Method 2 first month investment is $150 for two podcast episodes and two 30-second videos made by the business owners for 321 Biz Dev marketing purposes.

Method 2 will ultimately be an automated process to connect buyers and 321 Biz Dev clients.

Method 2 is excellent for white-collar business owners who have great closing skills. After three months, if the white-collar business owner cannot close two transactions, 321 Biz Dev will offer Method 1 closing training.

Let 321 Biz Dev help share your dream.

Thanks for reading this article and/or listening to the podcast episode.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

(415) 963-4500: West Coast

(813) 400-1000: East Coast

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