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We Only Bring the Message and The Toolbox; Small Business Owners Bring the Need for Improvement

This text is from our consulting firm's latest 321 Biz Development episode found on 18 podcast platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and iHeart Radio. 321 Biz Dev has over 500 podcast episodes across multiple platforms. There is too much content to write for this article, so readers are referred to the podcast for the complete story. 321 Biz Dev supports supporting attorneys, CPAs, corporate dental franchisers, independent dentists, home health providers, homebuilders, medical groups, plastic surgeons, medical billers, insurance brokers, real estate brokers, restaurants, tattoo shops, boutique shops, indie artists, hair stylists, HVAC companies, and plumbers.

Our company occasionally likes to repeat our message about our companies services because blog readers and podcast listeners, at first glance, see 321 Biz Dev LLC as a marketing company. We are a consulting firm.

From the beginning, when our company started in 2014, 321 Biz Dev has always helped small business owners improve sales productivity and sales performance.

Sales productivity is defined as strengthening a company's sales pipeline. The sales pipeline should have constant activity, filled with new contacts and prospects so continuous appointments are scheduled and new clients are added to the business.

Sales performance is defined as achieving the highest closing ratio possible. Sales profitability is likely to increase as sales productivity and sales performance both reach their peaks.

Our toolbox includes helping small business owners and salespeople install or improve their sales systems.

A sales system is a visible, repeatable and logical method to achieve mutual agreement between a prospect and a salesperson.

Not using a sales system is the number one reason why small business owners and salespeople do not make enough money and have poor closing outcomes at appointments.

Small business owners across the United States and probably in other countries lose billions of dollars in sales to their competitors because a sales system is not used.

Unfortunately, small business owners and independent salespeople have fallen victim to using social media marketing to grow their businesses. Social media was never meant to be a tool to grow a small business where the transaction price or commission earned is greater than $500.

After more than ten years of small business owners using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, our company has documented hundreds of testimonies from small business owners finally coming to the reality that social media can never replace traditional marketing.

And what do you think is the primary reason small business owners have not had success selling big ticket, high price items (price or commission $500 or greater) on social media?

Consumer behavioral scientist studies show that 71% of consumers still want great sales experiences when purchasing big ticket, high price products and services. No digital marketing tool will ever replace nor compete with salespeople who give consumers great sales experiences.

321 Biz Dev LLC has worked hard to offer small business owners affordable solutions to begin the journey to grow their companies.

If this episode/article provoked some deep thought about improving your sales productivity and sales performance, please do not hesitate to contact me, Rick Nappier, at 726-999-0999.

Interested parties can click here to visit our website. Then, click the Questionnaire tab to complete the 5-minute questionnaire so 321 Biz Dev can learn more about your current sales situation or learn about your current or past experiences with trying to add new clients. A 321 Biz Dev specialist will contact you within two business days to review your responses.

We hope you enjoyed today’s post and linked podcast episode. Please check out the podcast episode for a lot more content on this subject matter.

Rick, CEO

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