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What Every Small Business Owner Should Want is Power, 321 Biz Dev Can Help Owners Get Power

Let's define what power is for business owners.

Power, in this context of this article and podcast episode, does not mean taking advantage of consumers.

Power is defined as maximizing all efforts taken by business owners to add more clients.

If business owners are able to effectively control and manage two, important front-end sales activities, there is nothing stopping companies from adding new clients.

The two front-end sales activities are: contacting people and high percentage closing.

The disregard for contacting and achieving high closing will result in business stagnation or failure.

The power from these two front-end activities cannot be activated by wishful thinking or with hopes contacting and high percentage closing will emerge without human input.

Business owners need to fortify three psychological concepts in their minds and marketing. These three concepts are not directed at potential customers, but to elevate mental sharpness.

The three concepts, in question form, are:

  1. Will your product or service do everything you, as the business owner, claim?

  2. Will your client be in a better position with your product or service than without your product or service?

  3. As the business owner, are you able to communicate the above two concepts in a sales system to achieve a higher closing ratio?

321 Biz Dev developed a proprietary sales system, SWAS (Selling Without Appearing to Sell), and a proprietary document, "The Prospect Interview Form".

321 Biz Dev's SWAS and Prospect Interview Form resolve unconscious communication misfires and frustrations between business owners and prospects occurring throughout the sales cycles. SWAS and the Prospect Interview Form provide a clear path to convert 80% of appointments.

Companies selling products and services starting at $1,000 and higher will gain more confidence and be more at ease implementing 321 Biz Development tools.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to the podcast episode.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 963-4500 for a free, 60 minute consultation. Our services are also offered in Spanish.

Rick Nappier, President

321 Biz Development

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