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You Got the Degree, the License and the Certification...You Gotta Do What Now to Find Clients?

Updated: May 5, 2021

This text is from our consulting firm's latest 321 Biz Development episode found on 18 podcast platforms. There is too much content to write for this article, so readers are referred to the podcast for the complete story.

Perplexing comment and accompanying question, isn't it?

It would have been nice if dental, medical, law degrees came with clients ready to buy.

And, add to the above statement, dental, medical and law schools and CPA certification classes do not offer business development courses in their curricula.

I can also add insurance brokers, real estate brokers, hair stylists, plumbers, HVAC companies, medical group CEOS, and homebuilders to industries where business development education is not taught.

It's opening day for your business. Or, maybe, opening day was 5, 10, or 15 years ago. The industry you chose as your business is not producing the level of income you want, need or expected.

So, what can you do to find new clients? What are your available options?

  1. You can invest dollars on a marketing campaign.

  2. You can attend networking sessions.

  3. You can cut the middle man and go straight to the people.

If you have been in business for a number of years, you already know investing $10,000 on marketing campaigns will do little to nothing for you. But, the marketing companies will love your $10,000 investments.

Networking sessions are not effective because people attend these weekly meeting with the hope someone else will talk about their businesses to their friends, families or colleagues.

The third option is the only viable solution. Business owners going straight to the people always works. But there are some side effects and risks to contacting and prospecting strangers about your products and services.

There is no need to discuss the risks (mostly the psychological types like the fear of rejection, call reluctance, and procrastination), in this article and podcast episode. Everyone knows how they feel.

In a way, it's sad that colleges, specialty schools and certification courses do not offer business development training.

321 Biz Dev LLC can fill the sales system, business development gaps I would estimate 95% of small business owners experience.

321 Biz Dev LLC knows how small business owners feel about finding their own clients. To date, our consulting firm has listened to many people share deep thoughts about business development.

The overall feedback our company hears about companies finding their own clients is:

Business owners thought clients would come on their own without the business owner putting in much effort.

For the majority of small business owners, it did not take too long to figure out finding new clients is not automatic. Just think about it for a minute. Ask yourself this question: who ever became very successful by doing absolutely nothing?

If this episode/article provoked some deep thought about improving your sales performance, please do not hesitate to contact me, Rick Nappier, at 726-999-0999.

Interested parties can click here to visit our website. Then, click the Questionnaire tab to complete the 5-minute questionnaire so 321 Biz Dev can learn more about your current sales situation or learn about your current or past experiences with trying to improve sales performance. A 321 Biz Dev specialist will contact you within two business days to review your responses.

We hope your enjoyed today’s post and linked podcast episode. Please check out the podcast episode for a lot more content on this subject matter.

Rick, CEO

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