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Your Company is Not Fully In Business Until Potential New Business Is Managed Using A Sales Funnel

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

This article image of a sales funnel is the most feared image in business development!

Why is this?

Talking about a sales funnel among makes white-collar small business owners shiver.

Why is this?

  • The sales funnel conversation exposes what business owners do not want to do, do not want to know, or cannot afford to know.

  • The sales funnel system demands business owners be 100% accountable for finding new clients. Business development responsibility cannot be relegated to social media or digital marketing.

  • The sales funnel concept removes all excuses for not succeeding in a business.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a managed process of tracking the progress of potential customers and measuring sales performance.

Progress tracking

In order to track the progress of potential customers, a white-collar small business must have contacts to consistently add to the sales funnel.

321 Biz Development believes the contact section of the sales funnel should be the focus for all business owners. If there are little to no contacts to add to the sales funnel, it is likely successive funnel sections will be empty.

Sales performance

Measuring sales funnel management to generate new business...aka the definition of sales performance. In other words, if 30 contacts enter the sales funnel and 6 contacts are closed, then sales performance equals 20%.

The sales funnel allows white-collar small business owners to analyze sections in the sales funnel...and take corrective increase sales performance from the 20% figure.

The closing ratio is another sales performance measurement. Closing ratio is defined:

number of new sales divided by number of appointments

321 Biz Development developed the SWAS sales system to increase sales performance. SWAS is an acronym for "Selling Without Appearing to Sell".

SWAS, created in 2014, is developed from 12 years working in corporate America and many good and bad sales experiences over the years. SWAS is identifies specific challenges white-collar business owners encounter in sales funnel and sales performance management.

SWAS training is a 6-9 hour course not available at any other sales consulting company in the world.

Great progress tracking and optimal sales performance lead to white-collar small business owners to close approximately 80% of appointments.

If your business is selling products and services at $1,000 and higher and you want a system to increase sales, please contact 321 Biz Development.

Thanks for reading this article and listening to this podcast episode.

We want to see white-collar small business owners to get back to the high life again.

Rick Nappier, CEO

321 Biz Development

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