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Passing Out Business Cards is an Art and a Science

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Yes, handing out business cards is an art and a science.

There are four stages in the 321 Biz Dev sales system: contacting, prospecting, appointment setting and closing.

The what, when and how of business card handling are part of the contacting stage. The manner in which the white-collar professional manages passing out his or her business card will determine if the possible sales is successful or is a failure.

This article will briefly discuss non-networking group situations rather than networking business card handling. Passing out business cards at networking sessions are more complex.

Non-networking business card handling deals with white-collar professionals contacting people who are not business owners. Handing out your business card correctly will move contacts through the first sales system phase. The incorrect approach will leave your contact with a cold, unfavorable impression of you and your company.

Here are some things white-collar professionals should not do with their business cards:

  1. Give cards to everyone you meet.

  2. Give cards to people without knowing if they have interests in your product or service.

  3. Give cards to people without getting their contact information.

  4. Give cards to people without an understanding that you will call them.

In short, all of the above signal to potential clients that the salesperson is either new to the sales industry or the salesperson is only thinking about his or her own self-interests. To the contact, the salesperson is seen as being 'pushy'.

The majority of salespeople commit one or more of the four business card missteps resulting in no movement to the prospecting and appointment setting stages.

Interested parties can contact me, Rick Nappier, CEO, at (833) 321-3212, or Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, Business Development Specialist (bilingual) for English or Spanish contacts, at (786) 697-3400.

321 Biz Dev LLC offers 6-hour sales system training to help white-collar salespeople improve skills and increase business development efforts.

Business owners can also complete a 5-minute Questionnaire by clicking the Services tab on our website. Also, click the About and Podcast tabs to see and hear more about 321 Biz Dev LLC.

I hope readers enjoyed this article.

Rick, CEO

Yeilyn, VP

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