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The Pinnacle: 321 Biz Dev Supports Two Businesses Each in Six Industries in Metropolitan Cities

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

A pinnacle is defined as the highest point or, for the purposes of this article, our consulting firm's journey to the final destination to support white-collar small business owners in the United States and everywhere English and Spanish languages are spoken.

321 Biz Dev has reached the destination to offer corporate-level sales system training and full service business development support to attorneys, CPAs, dentists, plastic surgeons, insurance brokers and real estate brokers at affordable prices.

321 Biz Dev services include:

  • Elementary 6-9 hour sales system training

  • Review and/or update of company business development plan

  • Review and/or update of company telephone system

  • Review and/or update of company website

  • Write business development growth plan, if applicable

  • Implement business development growth plan with business owner

In each U.S. metropolitan city and select international cities, 321 Biz Dev will support two business owners in each industry (law, accounting, dentistry, plastic surgery, financial services and real estate).

Specifically, 321 Biz Dev supports in each city:

  • Two personal injury attorneys

  • Two business/employment law attorneys

  • Two estate planning attorneys

  • Two CPA firms

  • Two dental practices

  • Two plastic surgeons

  • Two financial services practices

  • Two real estate brokerages

Sales system training and related materials are separated into three categories:

  1. Attorneys/Real Estate Brokers receive new business owner, prospecting and referral generation training (6 hours)

  2. Dentists/Plastic Surgeons receive contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing and referral generation training (6 hours)

  3. CPAs/Insurance Brokers receive new business owner, contacting, prospecting, appointment setting, closing and referral generation training (9 hours)

Each industry has its own business development plan and associated compensation paid to 321 Biz Dev.

321 Biz Dev has a fair compensation schedule. 321 Biz Dev has a 3:1 compensation format. The 3:1 ratio means white-collar small business owners generates $4 to every $1 paid to 321 Biz Dev. The math looks like this: (4-1)/1 = 3.

Transposing the 3:1 ratio to a realistic number: ($2,000 - $500)/$500 = 3. When the white-collar business owner makes $2,000 from 321 Biz Dev efforts, 321 Biz Dev is paid $500. It's also important to note that white-collar professionals are not paying salaries, benefits and other compensation payable to a full-time employee.

Another significant advantage to white-collar business owners is the 321 Biz Dev referral training module will help generate new clients for business owners with no additional fees paid to 321 Biz Dev. Adding new clients through referrals will increase the business owner 3:1 ratio to possibly 4:1 or 5:1.

The U.S. cities 321 Biz Dev supports are: Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Ventura, Pasadena, Long Beach, Riverside, Anaheim, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, El Paso, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Boston, Detroit, Lansing, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver and Boise.

International cities include: London, Johannesburg, Berlin, Sydney, Santo Domingo, and Barcelona. International direct dial numbers will be available shortly.

Training is provided virtually via GoToMeeting and live, in-person training is available for an additional fee.

Interested parties can contact me, Yeilyn Rodriguez, VP, Business Development Specialist (bilingual) for English or Spanish contacts, at (786) 697-3400, or Rick Nappier, CEO, at (833) 321-3212.

321 Biz Dev LLC offers 6-9 hour sales system training to help white-collar salespeople improve skills and increase business development efforts.

Business owners can also complete a 5-minute Questionnaire by clicking the Services tab on our website. Also, click the About and Podcast tabs to see and hear more about 321 Biz Dev LLC.

I hope readers enjoyed this article.

Yeilyn, VP

Rick, CEO

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